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Application closed for 2023


  • No GPA requirement

  • Must be a 3rd or 4th semester student currently enrolled in The College of Nursing and Allied Health

    • Must provide proof of enrollment prior to the application deadline.

  • Letter of recommendation from a CONAH professor from any semester

  • Answer the following questions (limit to no more than 500 words per question)

    • Why do you want to be a nurse?

    • What impact do you want to make on the world?

    • How would you benefit from receiving the scholarship?

    • If you could not be chosen for the scholarship; which other student would you pick and why?

Scholarship: One CONAH student per semester will receive $2,800 to pay for tuition and expenses. 

-Anyone is welcomed to sponsor a 3rd or 4th semester student for a scholarship. Just write a check of $2,800 and specify the student you want to sponsor. Email in addition to adding the student's name to the check's memo. 

Send proof of Enrollment, Letter of Recommendation, and Essay to

  • You should receive a confirmation email that the full application has been received by the end of the day.

*Acceptance of the scholarship means authorization to use your photos for the website and social medica platforms.

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